Welcome to the HeartBeet Blog!

Hello and welcome! 

I've finally decided to launch my blog! I am so excited to share about my journey of healing through whole foods, via recipes, stories, and delicious content. As some of you know, I run HeartBeet Catering, a holistic catering company serving health retreats, weddings, and private dinner parties, as well as hosting cooking classes throughout the Big Island and beyond. 

Food has been a passion of mine since before I can remember, and it really became a huge part of my life when I was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's Disease, an Autoimmune condition of the gut, in 2011. I have been working diligently to heal my body ever since. It has been a rough and painful journey, but I really feel I am recovering steadily day by day. I am happy to report that I have undergone this healing completely naturally; I have never once taken a steroid or pharmaceutical drug to mask the symptoms. I am actually tackling the causes of where it all stemmed from, rather than covering it up with a bandaid. Delicious food prepared in ways that fit my body ...and that's just the synopsis of my story. 

Stay tuned for delicious recipes, stories, and more!! 

Aloha!! Ps: Please email me for specific requests about blog posts and content.