What others have to say...


“Jasmine has cooked for myself and a group of woman for two retreats. She is a kind, nourished soul and when she cooks you can taste her love in Every single bite. The care she puts into each dish is something I have never experienced before. She consistently made my whole body hum with delight. The depth of flavors, using local ingredients was such a joy to experience. Her food has inspired me to pay more attention to what I put into my body, and also be mindful about the energy I use when I create it. I cannot say enough about this unique gem of a woman who is a powerhouse in the kitchen.  I just cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!”

- Angela Frascati, Retreat Attendee - March 2019, AK


"Jasmine worked her magic into every meal of our retreat at a private home. Not only was every item tantalizing in appearance sprouting with fresh local produce, but abundantly flavourful. She has a natural talent for flavour combining using only limited ingredients in order to accommodate the many food sensitivities and restrictions of our various group attendees. She seamlessly adjusted to our fluid schedule on and off the property (where we were the envy of other tourists as we whipped out our on the go 5 star selections). It was such a joy to feel fully free of the demands of the kitchen for the mothers in our group, to not have to cook or clean and instead feel nourished in mind, soul and body.  I would highly recommend Jasmine to others and hope that I will get to enjoy her creations another time soon!"

- Nicole Wain Wright, Retreat Attendee, BC, Canada


"Nourishing, delicious and love infused! Jasmine's food is a blessing! Thirteen of us were on an intensive retreat and were literally restored and renewed at every meal, looking forward to it as an essential part of the day. The food is so ingeniously prepared and comes with such a smile and care, that your whole being resonates with it. Thank you, Jasmine, I hope to meet you again!"

- Ksenya Egorova, Retreat Attendee


"Jasmine's catering/cooking was a service of love. Every meal had not only a great deal of nutrition but it has care attention and love. Jasmine was more than happy to answer any questions around nutrition for the healthy food she was creating for us. Jasmine comes highly recommended for her creativity, devotion for making nutritious meals, and kindheartedness."

Ellen Walker, Retreat Attendee


"Jasmine is incredible. I did a retreat that she catered and her cooking created a new relationship with food - Love and appreciation. She is also a beautiful, kind hearted, generous human being. I highly highly recommend her!! So grateful!! Love xx"

- Branka Doncevska, Retreat Attendee


"There is no denying that everywhere you go in Hawaii you will feast your eyes on delightful natural beauty. But before you leave gift yourself with a feast of another kind: the best food on the island. It is made with aloha and served with a beautiful beaming smile by Jasmine Silverstein of Heartbeet Catering.

I recently had the extraordinarily good fortune of attending a week long retreat and being served three meals every day created as if works of art by the talented natural wonder, Jasmine.  The food was scrumptious, nutritious, vegan, organic, and locally grown. Loving presentation, intoxicating aromas, and endless varieties of dishes awaited us at every meal.
So after a day of feeding your senses with the sights and sounds of Hawaii do get dessert and have something cooked by this amazing queen of the kitchen!!"

- Carolyn Frohman Rosman, Retreat Attendee


"Jasmine is a skilled chef who prepares amazing dishes with wisdom and love. A common statement at every meal was, 'How is it possible that each meal is better than the last!?' Jasmine kept me nourished, feeling fabulous all week. Her meals were a true joy to experience - as was she! Such a lovely soul! Thank you Jasmine! With much love and gratitude,"

- Stacy B., Retreat Attendee


"Jasmine made and served the most incredible, loving food for our goddess retreat. Coming to Hawaii and receiving the most nourishing, fresh food each day made this incredible experience even more amazing. She has a true gift for making healing foods and my body can feel it. You are in for a delightful treat with this goddess. Mahalo Jasmine for your sweetness and especially for the baby love and smoothie treats!"

- Beth James, Yoga Instructor, Michigan


"On a women's retreat in Hawaii I had the pleasure of eating Jasmine's food for a week. What I enjoyed the most was how she used food as medicine to nourish and sustain the body. Her knowledge of plants, herbs, and spices to heal was amazing and inspiring. The combinations of flavours and textures was food-alchemy magic! I would highly recommend her work to anyone who is passionate about organics, health, and whole food eating."

- Jasmin Wickham, Australia


"I just had the pleasure of working with Jasmine for my seven-day retreat on the Big Island. She not only served food that was balanced, nutrient dense, local, organic, creative, and full of so much love - she served us Medicine. Her passion for food combining and love of culinary arts was seeping through every bite. She lovingly whipped up three delicious meals a day and stayed grounded, sweet, and kind the whole week! I could fully relax into my teaching role knowing that she was in the kitchen and out nourishment piece was fully taken care of! I will hire her again and again, as she is truly the 'Queen of Yum!' My retreat participants all feel in love with Jasmine and her amazing offerings too. She was a deeply integrated part of our circle. I feel Jasmine has such a beautiful gift and service to offer the world!! YUM!"

- Alila Grace, Big Island, Founder and owner of Mahina Cup


"Chef Jasmine asked if I would email her a review regarding her culinary skills since she prepared and served all meals for the last 7-days to 12-always hungry, sometimes picky eaters. The menu this week was vegan. Jasmine outdid herself making super tasty, spicy and authentic to the island meals that not only satisfied but nourished the body and spirit. 

Jasmine ~ thank you for being here and allowing us to receive the many blessings of your nourishing, healing meals."

- Rachel


"We all at the OLA Kai team were pleasantly surprised by the quality, deliciousness, and efficiency of Jasmine's food preparations. We expect very high standards for our guests and almost anything from the HeartBeet menu is a no-miss. It is healthy, super tasty, and prepared with a personal yet very professional touch. We are delighted to finally have found good catering service in Hilo suiting our needs and are calling her back again... and again!"

- Kazemaru Yukawa-Bacon, Owner and Director OLA Kai Hawaii, www.olakai-hawaii.com


"Jas is an amazing, talented and loving chef. Her dishes speak for themselves in quality and taste. I have been working with her for two months now as a personal chef.

When I bought my home in Puna last fall things became much more hectic than I anticipated, and eating nutritious, healthy food went by the wayside. I suffered through a lot of take out and hot food bars. Once she started making meals for me with fresh, local, organic ingredients I became totally rejuvenated and it has inspired me to care about the food I eat. I feel 100% better physically and emotionally.

Try her soups. They are unbelievable!"

Roz Ayotte, Puna, HI


"Jasmine creates delicious, nourishing, and healing whole food meals (with love). I have fond memories of delighting in her wholesome soups, probiotic and enzyme packed seed cheeses and sauerkraut, and unforgettable savory gluten-free vegetable potato pie. If you are looking for tasty, healthy, and consciously prepared food, I would suggest catering with HeartBeet!”

- Summer D., Hilo HI