Our Chefs

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Owner & Chef: Jasmine Silverstein

Chef Jasmine’s passion for food stems from her personal experience of healing an autoimmune condition through diet and lifestyle.  Her experience in the world of food started early. She was raised on her family’s organic farm, and was involved in the planting, harvesting, and processing of produce from the land. During her years in away at college, she developed a severe case of Crohn’s disease which turned her world around. The illness took away her active lifestyle and freedom, and forced her to change her way of living. It also gave her a very direct and meaningful mission: to heal herself, so that she can inspire others to do the same. 

The inspiration for her creations comes from the food itself, and the nutritional qualities inherent within all whole, real foods. She sees cooking as a way to connect more closely with her community and her home – the farmers, healers, chefs, consumers, and the land itself – by sourcing ingredients from local, sustainable, and ethical farmers. As a personal caterer, she enjoys being innovative with recipes in order to tailor dishes to your specific needs. 

Jasmine’s menus are based around what is available seasonally and locally. She works directly with local farmers, as well as sourcing from her family’s organic farm on the east side of the Big Island, in order to bring the best possible quality and flavor to her preparations. The food she prepares is naturally gluten free and soy free, unless otherwise requested, and she can easily work around other food sensitivities if necessary. 

Jasmine is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as a Certified Master Food Preserver, and she is continually expanding her knowledge and understanding of food and healing. She teaches workshops on fermented foods and whole foods based cooking classes in order to spread the awareness of food as medicine. On her own time, Jasmine finds peace in yoga, nature, and travel adventures.



Kaimana Barros

As a native to Hawai’i, Kaimana comes from a multicultural background; influencing an adventurous palette. His joy for food was instilled by his ohana and aina (family and land). Whether it be at his Hawaiʻian family’s ranch in Waimea, or with his Mexican granny; he has always been privy to the authentic. 

Kaimana’s experience working with Big Island farms and managing restaurants deepens his understanding of food as medicine. In his daily lifestyle he enjoys plant-based dishes while also specializing in sustainably sourced land and sea fair. His favorites include Heaven and Earth Gnocchi made of ulu and kalo, or his 33 Ingredient Stew. 

Kaimana is constantly balancing between tradition and innovation. His style of cooking varies from avant-garde to backyard bbq. Always working with available local ingredients to create elegant dishes for a brilliant culinary experience. 




Anon Crystal Shine is a life long Artist and self-taught Wholistic Chef. She has been working professionally as a caterer, planning and executing her own menus for 13 years. She puts her artistry into her cooking imbuing it with a beauty inspired by the seasonal bounty of the Big Island. Using locally sourced, organic ingredients she creates gourmet inspired meals that are as delicious as they are heart, soul and body nourishing.


Abby Wiltse

Living soil, living food.  Building on her former career as a landscape architect, Abby Jane came to Hawaii to pursue a healthier lifestyle and build a deeper connection with the land.  Studying regenerative farming systems and learning to grow traditional Hawaiian crops naturally led her to kitchen experiments with plants like taro, breadfruit, banana, and coconut.  

Abby finds inspiration in adapting familiar recipes and Southern cooking techniques that she learned by watching her mother, and incorporating seasonal, local, and organic island ingredients.  

She became the Permaculture Manager at Kalani, the largest retreat center in Hawaii, sharing her knowledge of full circle gardening, cooking, and composting with volunteers from around the world.  After Kalani closed during the eruption in May 2018, Abby decided to follow her joy for cooking professionally while continuing to grow food and care for the land at home.

With a great attention to detail, she uses an architect’s design process to stay organized and creative, while maintaining a gentle and meditative energy in the kitchen that adds to the quality of the food she creates. As a chef, Abby is now living her passions for responsible food sourcing, reducing food waste, and sharing deeply nourishing food from the ‘aina (land.)




Alea loves preparing gluten free, vegan and raw foods for herself and others. She is passionate about healthy food, having balanced a hyperthyroid condition through diet and lifestyle choices. Alea uses fresh, local and organic ingredients when possible to bring the unique flavors of Hawai’i to your plate. She prefers to use whole foods while also minimizing processed sugar and grains.

Alea emphasizes fresh salads, soups and ethnic foods such as Thai, Morrocan, Indian, Persian, Mexican, Greek, Japanese and Chinese. She loves to work with Yoga retreats and teacher trainings, bringing knowledge of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and a wealth of knowledge from her training as an Integrative Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Sacred Path Energy Healer.

Alea has lived and worked on many farms throughout her 10 years on the Big Island, sourcing many of her ingredients directly from these farms and plants she has helped cultivate. She loves creating farm to table dishes and utilizing a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables within her cuisine. She is based in North Hawai’i, serving the regions of Hāmākua, Waimea, North & South Kohala.

Alea’s other passions and skills include professional photography, teaching and performing aerial arts, surfing, hiking, horseback riding and traveling.